KO’d Piston Hurricane in 10 Seconds

Now I thought this was an achievement the moment I sent Cuban Piston Hurricane back like a missile into the right-top corner of the Super Punch Out ring. However, it turns out that thousands of people have knocked him out way sooner than the ten seconds I kept boasting about.

I relaunched Super Punch Out this month as I began streaming on Twitch, and decided to start with the ancient boxing simulation. I had played the game as a kid, I must have been seven or eight years old when I made it to final boss, Rick Bruiser. I don’t remember getting past him back then, but I did play the game incessantly.

It brought back tremendous joy to hit the ring again and fight those characters I had become familiar with in my Puerto Rican childhood. Now I was priding myself in remembering the controls, and cruising through the first few opponents. As I mention in the video above, Piston Hurricane looks the most like an actual professional boxer, whereas the others are made to look silly, but always dangerous.

Hurricane may be the easiest opponent to beat as all the punches land when thrown consecutively without respite, and once the power turns on is lights out on the poor Cuban youngster.

It turns out that there are people who play Super Punch Out to beat the all-time record, as they fight opponent after opponent by dispatching them in 20 seconds or less. I never knew there was such talent, and that someone could beat Rick Bruiser within that same 20 second timeframe – but it seems I was wrong.

Perhaps you’ll see more futile attempts in the future as I try to KO these jokers in record times. Stay tuned!

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